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Tips for Maintaining Your New Floors

Congrats! You’ve just installed your new floors. And keeping in mind that floors are made to be walked on, nobody can fault you for needing to keep them looking brand new for as long as possible! The following are a few tips for keeping your floors looking perfect for quite a long time into the future.

Put Down Mats at All Doorways

Tracked in soil, garbage, and other grime can destroy pretty much a wide range of flooring. Ensure everybody wipes their feet while coming into your home. Even better, remove your shoes when you come inside, especially if you’re wearing spikes or high heels, as they can dent or harm specific sorts of floors.

Clean up Spills Right Away

In addition to preventing accidents like somebody slipping on a smooth surface, cleaning up spills promptly goes a long way toward ensuring your floors don’t twist, stain, or sustain water harm. For spills on carpeted floors, absorb the spill with a dry, white cloth or paper towel, then blot the area with a modest quantity of carpet cleaner. Try not to clean the spill – this can harm or fray your rug’s fibers. When the stain has been cleaned, blot the area with water to remove any carpet cleaner buildup.

Clear or Dust Mop Regularly

Getting rid of dust, soil, garbage and pet hair will keep your floors looking immaculate, as well as help prevent scuffing, scratching or staining. The National Wood Flooring Association suggests doing this consistently.

Vacuum Hard Surfaces with Care

Assuming you have hardwood, overlay, or vinyl floors, only vacuum utilizing the uncovered floor setting. Utilizing a blender bar on these floors can harm them and make keeping up with new floors extra troublesome.

Give Extra Care to High-Traffic Areas

Consider vacuuming everyday in a high rush area of the home, similar to doorways and corridors – particularly if you have carpet.If you don’t, dust and dirt can get caught in the fibers, making the carpet look dingy and presenting issues for people with asthma or allergies.

Wet Mopping? Proceed with Caution

Some surfaces, similar to extravagance vinyl or porcelain tile, can be wet mopped easily. In any case, very nearly no kinds of hardwood ground surface (or laminate, for that matter) are waterproof — so utilizing a wet mop can truly harm them. Standing water can also stain or dull your floor’s completion. Your retailer’s stock manufacturer recommended flooring cleaners, so get some information about what they have in their store.

Keep Away from Harsh Chemicals While Keeping Up with New Floors

Products with ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals can stain or harm many types of floors. Stick to product specific cleaning solutions when your floors need a deeper clean. Numerous manufacturers sell their own cleaning products suggested for use on their hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring — inquire as to whether they keep any in stock.

Deep Clean your Floor Covering

The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests having your floor covering expertly deep cleaned each 12 to year and a half, which removes embedded soil and grime.

Use Window Treatments

A few items, similar to hardwood and luxury vinyl, can become faded or discolored from delayed sun exposure. Assuming that your new floors are in a space of the home that gets a lot of direct sunlight, try to close the curtains or blinds during times of the day where sun exposure is most noteworthy. You can also use area carpets to help with fading, or pick flooring choices that are UV-safe, like laminate.

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