Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

During renovations, homeowners sometimes get confused with a lot of choices especially about the sequence of works to be done. When it comes to installing flooring and painting of walls, things might get a little confusing for people doing home renovations for the first time. While the order of works can be done either way, we at Eco-Pro Flooring suggest installing flooring Las Vegas first for many reasons. We are the biggest flooring store in the whole of Clark County because of our wide selection of flooring materials. We also provide the best flooring installation using the expertise of our highly experienced staff.

Your Flooring Las Vegas Might Get Damaged Before Your Home Is Finished

Homeowners are worried of finishing all their Las Vegas flooring first before doing all the works on walls for fear of having drips and spills of paint. Fortunately, this accident can be avoided and is not considered a serious damage. By calling a professional painter to do the job according to Angie’s List, you can avoid a lot of headaches in the future and possible damages on your flooring. These professionals can ensure the right setup for the painting works and can take full responsibility of any damage. At One Stop 4 Flooring, we have the best warranties and prices you can find in Las Vegas. If the flooring you have bought from us did not meet your standards or have defects and damages, we work hard to meet your demands and give you the guarantee of long lasting flooring.

However, there are two problems that can possibly occur if the homeowner chooses to paint the walls after the installation of flooring. It is easy for workers to damage the newly painted walls by scraping them during handling of the new flooring materials. Additional damage can also happen when tiling because the trowel used in this process can dent the baseboards. This can also happen when installing wood or laminate flooring. Damages from these can result to a lot of costly repairs and would also require a valuable amount of time.

The second benefit of buying laminates from the best flooring store Las Vegas before painting the walls is that the height of the installed baseboards may be different from the actual flooring of the room. This could either cause you the trouble of having an unpainted space between the baseboard and your new flooring, or the need to actually increase the height of the baseboards, as written in this article from The Idea Room.

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