Paradigm Water Proof Flooring Hilo

Hilo – PAR20102XL

Item PAR20102XL
Size 7″ x 60″ Fixed Lengths
Gauge 8.5mm With Pad
Wear Layer 20MIL
Finish Urethane Ceramic Bead
Style Painted Bevel
Embossing Barnside / Embossed Register
Construction Water Proof Core With Pad Attached
Warranty Lifetime Residential, 15 Year Commercial

Hilo – PAR20102XL

Item PAR20102XL
Size 7″ x 60″ Fixed Lengths
Gauge 8.5mm With Pad
Wear Layer 20MIL
Finish Urethane Ceramic Bead
Style Painted Bevel
Embossing Barnside / Embossed Register
Construction Water Proof Core With Pad Attached
Warranty Lifetime Residential, 15 Year Commercial

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