Paradigm Water Proof Flooring Amazon

Amazon – PAR1261PAD

Item PAR1261PAD
Size 7″ x 48″
Gauge 7mm (8.5mm w/Pad)
Wear Layer 12MIL
Finish Ceramic Bead
Style Micro Bevel Edge
Embossing Barnside
Construction Water Proof Core With Pad Attached
Warranty Lifetime Residential, 10 Year Commercial

Amazon – PAR1261PAD

Item PAR1261PAD
Size 7″ x 48″
Gauge 7mm (8.5mm w/Pad)
Wear Layer 12MIL
Finish Ceramic Bead
Style Micro Bevel Edge
Embossing Barnside
Construction Water Proof Core With Pad Attached
Warranty Lifetime Residential, 10 Year Commercial

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