Commercial Flooring

4 Commercial Flooring Options in Las Vegas

Commercial floorings tend to take heavy loads of machinery, inventory, and even footfall. You need sturdy flooring material to take all these loads and be resistant to other damaging factors. Although concrete and heavy duty tiles still are some of the most popular choices, here are four other options you can consider while building a commercial space or repairing the commercial flooring.

1)  Epoxy Flooring

When talking about the best commercial flooring materials, epoxy tops the list. Epoxy flooring offers a wide range of benefits due to which most commercial spaces prefer it. Whether you opt for epoxy floorings or just the coating, epoxy can last for several decades without cracking, peeling, or any other structural damage. Moreover, chemicals, acids, cleaners, oils, fluids, fuel, etc. as these agents can’t penetrate through the epoxy, and this makes the flooring highly durable. Apart from these benefits of epoxy, it is undeniable that epoxy floors are aesthetically appealing thanks to the beautiful colour availability and after floor installation sheen that the floors possess.

2) Hardwood and Engineered Wood

The next best efficient and durable commercial flooring material that you can consider is hardwood. For commercial spaces that involve moderate traffic and less movement of heavy material, hardwood and other engineered wood are an ideal choice. Hardwood and engineered wood floors do not trap dust, pollen, particulate matter, or other common allergens. This means that it’s significantly easier to improve your indoor air quality. If you take proper care of your wood floors, the hard surface can last for decades.

3) Gypsum Concrete

Although gypsum concrete or gypcrete is an underlayment material, it can still be considered as one of the best commercial flooring materials. This lightweight and affordable material is known for its fire resistant and heavy load bearing properties. Apart from these, the material doesn’t lose its properties or melt when exposed to water. All these benefits make gypsum concrete make an ideal commercial flooring material.

4) Terrazzo

Ending the list of best commercial flooring materials with the most durable and sturdy material – terrazzo. Terrazzo often lasts longer than the entire life-span of a commercial space, eliminating the need for repairing or replacing the flooring even when the entire building gets a makeover. Just like epoxy, this material is resistant to water damage, fire damage, chemical spillage, and other stain risks. Terrazzo ranks as one of the most economical and environmentally-friendly flooring types available. It is often regarded as the first “green” flooring since its creation in the 15th century. 

We are Eco Friendly Flooring contractor in Las Vegas. To know more about each of these commercial flooring options, talk to our commercial floor installation builders in Las Vegas. Depending on your requirements and the magnitude of your work, the builders will suggest the best-suited flooring material so that you get the best return for the money you invest.